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A large, global, employee base

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Manage a global business

We can help cut down the manual work involved with paying a global employee base, and our sister company has built a solution to help manage employee payments.

Numerous international supplier payments

International payments

With our competitive FX rates and solution to support mass payments, paying global suppliers will no longer be an expensive and tiring task.

A large number of client payments

Mass payments

We can execute large numbers of payments in whichever preferred format, saving time and hassle associated with manual input or converting between file types.
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Complicated and time consuming payment reconciliation

Virtual IBANs

Our virtual IBAN solution brings clarity to incoming payments. Gone are the days of manual effort to find out which invoice an incoming payment is meant for.

Manual payments processes should be a thing of the past

Payment automation

Find a customised solution to automate your payments. Have a look at our API
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Client and payment verification is unnecessarily complex

Client screening

Our client and payment screening solution will support any regulatory requirements by screening clients against PEP, sanctions, and wachlists, and a report will be sent detailing any findings.
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Limited payment options are stunting the growth potential of online stores

Additional payment methods

Offer a range of payment options including account-to-account (open banking), card, and stable coins*. A notification will be sent as soon as the funds are received so goods can be released.

*Supported by our sister company
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Settlements are a slow and frustrating process

24/7 & Instant

Why wait for settlement cycles when instant payments can be sent/received within the EEA? 10 seconds is all it takes, and a notification will be sent as soon as the payment has been made or received.

A cobranded debit card would be a value add

Cobranded debit card, coming soon!
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All tech solutions are provided by our sister company.

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