My EU Pay Checkout

MEP Checkout is a solution for merchants accepting payments online. This payment method can be added as an alternative checkout option to cards.

Here is how it works in 3 simple steps:

Customer selects MEP Checkout as the payment method

When the customer is ready to checkout, they choose MEP Checkout as the payment method and are redirected to our checkout form.

Customer selects their bank

They select their bank from a list of available banks in their country and are redirected to their login portal.

Customer authorises the purchase

The customer logs in to their bank and selects the account they want to make the payment from before confirming.

The advantages for the merchants are

  • No chargeback risk
  • Customers pay directly from their bank account, no cards involved
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Get paid directly from the customer and get a notification when the payment is confirmed- you can ship immediately
  • Repeat customers
  • A seamless shopping experience resulting in improved customer satisfaction

The advantages for the customers are

  • Easy payments
  • A seamless shopping experience
  • Secure
  • Authorise payments by logging into their bank
  • Product received quicker
  • Immediate shipment
If you are interested, please check our demo.
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The tech solutions for MEP Checkout are provided by our sister company.