Banking as a service platform
from EUpay


Bring your payment solutions to market using our: API; white label KYC and KYB products * and AML+ platform *.

Build your financial products with our solutions

Virtual accounts
reachable via SEPA/
SWIFT/ Fasterpayments
Access to SEPA
Payment Scheme
White label KYC
& KYB Platform *

multiple industries


Are you representing a foreign bank targeting an extended customer base across Europe?

Bring your payment solution to market using our API.

Use our white labelled EUID * (virtual identification tool) and AML solutions * to streamline the onboarding process.


Are you a fintech entrepreneur looking to bring a new disruptive financial solution to market?

We will help you meet your technological and regulatory requirements leaving you to focus on your ideas.

Use our API to create virtual accounts and access a variety of payment schemes including SEPA and SWIFT.


Are you managing large telecommunications company?

We can help you unlock new revenue streams by delivering additional services to your clients.

Or use the cross‑selling opportunities from your existing accounts for other additional services such as payments.


If you are an insurer or insurance broker, we can help your premiums and claims reconciliations.

Reconcile your premiums and claims receivable and make sure no outstanding payments are left.

High Risk

Crypto-Exchange / Gambling and Gaming / other high-risk industries:

Are you fully regulated in an EEA country?

Offer your customers your services together with our bank account.


Use our services to enable your citizens or employees living in the EU to receive benefits, pensions and payroll.

Cost and time saving services that Streamline domestic and international payments for your citizens.

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* the service provided by third party